Hornhof Fabryc Armatury is located in the South - Eastern part of Poland. Our Company was founded in 2001 and was named Hornhof Fabryc Armatury.   At present days Hornhof Fabryc Armatury is specializing in manufacturing of the cast iron fittings for both, drinking and industrial water systems.   It also produces sanitary fittings and brass fittings. Constant implementation of new solutions together with control of the highest quality of all the products provides the Company with a path of becomming a leader sales on domestic market  and foreign markets as well.  Our key markets are: Russia, Germany and Baltic States.  In 2002 due to a great effort of both the Board of Directors and our workforce the Company was awarded with a Certificate of Approval ISO 9001.
High Quality - is a guarantee of our professional success!
HORNHOF Fabryca Armatury
Ul/Armii Poznan 72, Lubon 61-012, Poland